Sam Rowell - Persistence of Vision: Luminous Flux at the Event Horizon

Sam Rowell
Persistence of Vision: Luminous Flux at the
Event Horizon

A series of performances in light and sound.

January 18: 7pm & 9pm

January 19: 7pm & 9pm

January 20: 3pm, 5pm & 7pm


Hunter Shaw Fine Art is pleased to announce Persistence of Vision: Luminous Flux at the Event Horizon, a suite of performances by Los Angeles-based musician, creative broadcaster and visual artist Sam Rowell. Manipulating analog electronics and site-specific colored lighting arrangements, Rowell creates immersive and ephemeral sensory experiences which can produce in the audience meditative states, spatial dissociations, and synaesthetic perceptual phenomena. Passages of incredibly sensitive hue and lush, shifting gradients alternate with moments of intense flicker, accompanied by continually-evolving layers of electronic drones, pulses, murmurs and wails. The audio and visual sequences are improvised by the artist simultaneously though independently - associations between the two occur strictly within the viewer’s mind, illuminating the highly subjective nature of color, experience and reality.

Sam Rowell received a BA, cum laude from Harvard University, Cambridge MA. In September of 2018 Rowell staged Color Objectivism, Harmonic Distortion, and the Illusion of the Noise-Free System, Vol. 2. a series of performances at Human Resources Los Angeles. Other recent activities include light and sound performances at the Getty Center's Friday Flights (2017) and concert events at Club Pro Los Angeles (2017), Night Gallery, and Dem Passwords (2015). Rowell is also the bassist for celebrated radical improv duo Eloe Omoe, and produces the monthly live sound collage broadcast Special Collections on KCHUNG Radio in Los Angeles.